Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year! 2009

okay. It's a total hiatus. And this blog is like totally dead. My last post was like what 4 months ago? Haha. I once heard someone said that a blog not updated in a month is dead. So mine is like dead 4 times.

I had wanted to post my family photos on facebook, but I thought it's a little funny posting it there as I guess people are more interested in seeing your friends than your parents. And styleburst is on a halt! Lol, I've been chictopia-ing too much. I post my photos on chictopia before I post them on styleburst. I'll change that soon too!

Tracy!! yay! you're my only follower!! haha! I MISS YOU!! loves. How was your chinese new year?

The months back have been pretty hectic. I stayed in Australia until the end of Dec and I was back for a month. This one month has been basically spent with my family, eating, shopping and just being a family as I was away for 2 years. Food in Singapore, is good which goes without saying. School is pretty hectic and soon I'll be studying really hard too.

But anyway, it's Chinese new year! AND I HOPE IT'LL BE A HUAT HUAT YEAR for everyone!!

My new year outfit!

Love the dress! love the color.

And I have so many family photos to post!

Waiting for the gold to fall from the sky. LOL. look at how engross my dad is.

My mum is gonna love this picture!

mum and dad dancing. haha

some artsy effect from my phone camera. Renoir is a pretty good 8mp camera phone.

The siblings!

And that's me a few days back!

I have a huge pimple on my cheek. On chinese new year somemore. Idiot.

I hope your chinese new year has been fun, filled with love and company!

Lawrence is gonna be back soon for the last few days of Chinese new year! Yay!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here goes...

Lawrence and me decided to come up with our own fashion blog!
A venue where we post what we wear, our buys and our bargains.
We'll also be posting pictures of those celebs and models with great dressing as well as anything that catches our eye.

So, do drop a visit there!

Here's the link:

I'll still be posting on this blog. This is more like a personal blog for me while that is more of a fashion blog.
Hope you'll have fun reading it!

I have a photo with Jesus today! haha.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spartos, CT1 exam, Nara Festival, Parliament house and Picnic

It's the yearly Spartos again. A semi formal event and people cheering for those who performed well in hall events. I was insideeeeeee!! haha! Cause lawrence and me helped win Ursies first trophy in pool!!
Wore this dress that I had for quite long but didn't wear. haha! Bought it that time when I was out with my papa.

I wanna have a SLR. It's like the pictures are so much nicer!

with all the usual people! haha! So I'll just throw in all the picturesss!!

Everybody dressed really good that day.

the one that's with me in the picture is a math genius and a really good cook too! haha.

Ed and Oliver made the most eye catching outfit.

I love Ada's dress!! it's so miumiu-fied. Love it. Love the shape. Love the green.

With the pretty babes in my hall. Amanda, Jess, sup and laura.

Most of the pictures here onwards are taken by SLR using Liang's camera.

guy's favourite game. Foosball. Lawrence after he scoreeeeeee!

With ada and honeysha. Girls pool champions! :]

I don't know what the hell I'm doing too. haha. Lame position.

Next up was the nara festival. It's mainly to celebrate canberra and nara 15 years of sister relationship. It was also like a lantern lighting festival. I went as my friend and his sister had set up a store there.

Went with this other singaporen guy, Colin that drove us there.

It's such a boring event. Oh my goodnes.. And food was overpriced and NOT NICE AT ALL. So regretted going.

Went to parliament house today with lawrence for his interview!

While he was at the interview, I was looking at some souvenir shop. haha.

Isn't the sheep cute? It's so stupid cuz I won't use it and it's childish, but it's really quite cute and I want it. LOL.

After a 45 minutes wait, he came out. They asked him like so many questions. I wasn't even sure I could answer them when he told me the questions. I do not like interviews.

Outside the parliament house.

We went for a picnic after that. And mama! Look at me putting on weight! The parliament photo was taken today!!! And I look huge. =(

Oh oh.. And several outfit posts when I went out, for my exam and shopping! haha.
Gossip girl is so wonderful. Love it.

Going to DFO on Friday to do some shopping and maybe the floriade tomorrow. They say I should go to the Floriade soon before the flowers start wilting.

It's my 2 weeks break now! yay!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hmm.. It's just like all my pictures?

haha! I'm so just gonna post my pictures!
Here goes...

Went shopping with lawrence after a paper! And had great dinner outside. In fact, any dinner not in the hall is a great one.

So cute huh the guinea pig. Feel like squashing it. haha.

And we had a floor party! We went to watch the movie tropic thunder. It's pretty good. The entertainment value was high with ben stiller, jack black and tom cruise. I couldn't recognise tom cruise at all. Till the end.

Me and Lawrence went to dickson to get some Asian groceries. Along the way, we stopped by the lake to take some photos!

We came back from dickson with tons of stuff! FOOD! See how much I have been eating. Gosh. Unbelievable. Lawrence kept losing weight while I keep gaining. It's like I eat more than him can? Oh my freaking god.

Today is the Mid Autumn Festival. I HAVE NO MOONCAKE! =(
We didn't bring enough money to dickson, so we didn't buy any. And travelling there again just to buy a mooncake seems so silly. But I went out for dinner!
oh! And lawrence bought me a banana in pajamas! I had B2 and he is B1!

I love those 2 bananas! but they are a little dirty thou, because we got them from a thrift shop! haha!

Okieeeeeeeeeeeeee, I shall continue eating my chocolates, lollies and ice cream. =(

PS:Mitchie dear, I want your beautiful slim body. See my fats? haha!
I LOVE YOU, just in case you don't know. And call you tomorrow! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!